National Alpha Zeta Scholars

The Alpha Zeta Foundation annually awards a select number of outstanding Alpha Zeta student members scholarships based on scholastic achievement, leadership abilities, AZ involvement, character, community service and financial need. The students who apply for the scholarships are the best of the best. The National Alpha Zeta Scholarship Program is funded through the Alpha Zeta Foundation, thanks to the continuing generous support of alumni. Contributions to the Alpha Zeta Foundation further the goals and success of outstanding students interested in serving agriculture.

Who can apply? To be considered for a scholarship, an applicant must meet the following criteria:
  1. Be an Alpha Zeta member in good standing and currently active in your Alpha Zeta chapter.
  2. Be enrolled as an undergraduate or a graduate student with at least one year (two semesters) remaining.
  3. If currently an undergraduate and pursing an advanced degree, you must provide proof of entrance into an agricultural or veterinary medicine program the following year.

Submit Scholarship Application Online

Upload Letters of Recommendation

At least four applicants will be selected to each receive one of the following scholarship awards:
Burkett-Cunningham-Dennis Scholarship: $2,000 
G.W. Roach Scholarship: $1,000 
Centennial Scholarship: $1,000 
Alpha Zeta Foundation Scholarships - varying amounts

*Each Scholarship recipient may also receive assistance to attend NALC where they will be recognized at the Awards Banquet

DEADLINE: Applications and supporting documents must be postmarked or submitted online no later than December 1.


Submit Application Online:
You must submit your Scholarship Application online.  Please note that it may take a few minutes for your application to be uploaded to our server after clicking Send.

Letters of Recommendation:
You have three (3) options for submitting your Letters of Recommendations:

  1. Mail your letters to the AZ National Office (postmarked by 12/1). Make sure each person writing you a letter has sealed it inside an envelope and signed over the seal before giving to you.

    Alpha Zeta Foundation
    100 Chesterfield Business Parkway, Suite 200
    Chesterfield, MO 63005

  2. Save letters as PDF files and submit online. Have the person writing your letter(s) save the completed and signed letter as a PDF, then email the file to you. You may then upload up to three different letters by clicking the "Upload Letters of Recommendation" link above.

3. The person who is writing the letter of recommendation can email it directly from their email address to AZ Foundation  at

Selection Criteria

A committee from the Alpha Zeta Foundation will screen all qualifying applications based on criteria listed below:

Leadership 35 Points
Alpha Zeta offices held, committee work, other activities & plans for future involvement   20 points
Campus, community or other participation & activities 
10 points
Work experience
5 points
Character 30 Points
Goals and future plans 15 points
Evaluation of recommendation letters 15 points
Scholarship 25 Points
Grades & evaluation of subjects completed 15 points
Honors received for scholarship 10 points
10 Points
Financial information and other information not listed above

Scholarship Application Checklist

  • Completed Scholarship Application - submitted online
  • College Transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation required, up to three accepted:
    • Advisor or person familiar with your Alpha Zeta involvement
    • Community or employer letter of recommendation
    • Department or university letter of recommendation
  • Photograph – minimum 300 dpi (publicity purposes only)
  • Resume or Curriculum Vita

Scholarships and awards may be sponsored by endowments, memorial gifts or by corporate sponsors. If you are interested in supporting the future of agriculture with an Alpha Zeta scholarship in your name or on behalf of an individual or company, or if you would like to serve on a foundation committee, please contact us.