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NC Chapter Roundtable Interviews

Author: Jamie DeRose/Wednesday, February 11, 2015/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog

NC Roundtable Interviews

On the Sunday following our Rush events, the North Carolina Chapter held Roundtable Interviews, which is the next step in our recruitment process for new Brothers.  Everyone who attended Rush was invited to come on Sunday for a formal and professional interview in front of the Brotherhood.  We opened the morning with breakfast that the Brothers provided and a slideshow made by our Chronicler.  Each potential candidate began the interview by choosing which pillar (Fellowship, Scholarship, Leadership, Character) he or she thought was most important, and then we asked questions to learn about why he or she wanted to join Alpha Zeta.  After each candidate left, we discussed the positives and negatives of the interview and voted on admission.  In order for a candidate to receive a “bid” into AZ, he or she must receive 85% of the Brotherhood’s votes.  Afterwards, the Censor contacted everyone who was extended a bid.  We extended bids to seven candidates; even though we have a smaller group of candidates this semester, we are confident that they will all be strong and active Brothers in our fraternity.


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