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Spring Break in Key West

Author: Elizabeth Edwards/Tuesday, March 15, 2016/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog, Service to Community, Chapter Development, Fellowship, Florida

For the third year, The Florida Chapter spent spring break in Key West working with The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. I have participated on this trip for the past three years, but this trip was different for me as the group leader. Like in the past, we spent our time volunteering to help clean up local beaches on three different keys using kayaks to access mangroves, walking along the beach to clean up plastics that had washed up onto the shore, and boating out to a private island to collect hundreds of pounds of entanglement threats. I love the outdoors, especially the beach, so this trip has always been extremely rewarding for me because I can see the difference we are making for the environment and all the species that rely on a safe and clean habitat. This year I thoroughly enjoyed being the group leader and watching our brothers bond while making a difference. Being responsible for the group seemed intimidating at first, however each brother amazed me with their work ethic, willingness to help out, and teamwork with not only the service aspects of the trip, but also when preparing group dinners and helping everything to run smoothly. I made an endless number of memories, along  with many new friendships on our spring break in Key West, all while gaining awareness of the difference that each individual can make with a choice as simple as using a reusuable water bottle rather than buying bottled water. I encourage each AZ brother to be environmentally conscious in every day decisions and to spend time with brothers from your chapter while doing something to better the environment. 

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