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UF Road Cleanups 9/12/12, 9/24/12, 9/29/12 [EasyDNNnews:IfExists:GalleryBackLink] [EasyDNNnewsLocalizedText:ViewInGallery] [EasyDNNnews:EndIf:GalleryBackLink]

UF Road Cleanups 9/12/12, 9/24/12, 9/29/12

Originally posted by Tivia I. Rouland

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The Florida Chapter of Alpha Zeta cleaned up our adopted road. Three road cleanups were completed over the course of three weeks. The members that participated in the road cleanups were very willing to clean up our community despite the many bugs that attacked us along the way! Not only was it hot most of the days, it started to drizzle one of the days. The service chair provided all the materials needed to clean. Among those materials were orange reflective safety vests. Wearing our orange reflective safety vests made us feel official! We put recyclables in one bag and trash in another. Along our road, we found items that were very surprising. One member was lucky enough to find a brand new iPhone charger. As we continued to clean, members discussed classes, family, and upcoming plans for the holidays. It was a great bonding experience which allowed old members to get to know new members. The road clean-up is a good way to minimize the amount of trash affecting our community.

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