Ordering AZ Cords and Stoles




  • Honor Stoles are $25.00
  • Honor Cords are $12.00
  • Only student members in good standing may purchase honor cords and/or stoles.
  • Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail
  • Minimum shipping charge is $10.00.  Large orders may cost more.
  • Only orders that are paid in full will be shipped.

How to Order AZ Materials

  1.   Login to the AZ Network- https://www.aznetwork.org/login
  2.   On the top toolbar click More
  3.  Scroll down to select Forms
  4.   The page displays the following forms:
  • Upcoming Initiation Form
  • Form 990 Submission 
  • Honor Cords and Stoles Order Form

6.  Click on the form you need.

7.  An alert will go to Alpha Zeta Headquarters to process your order.


Ordering AZ Jewelry


Contact us at info@alphazeta.org to purchase jewelry!

Blue Frost Bracelet

$31 (includes shipping

Circle lavaliere, sterling silver or gold plated

$37 (includes shipping)

Gold Frost Bracelet $31 (includes shipping)

Honor cord 

$12 + shipping

Honor stole

$25 + shipping

Mini Key as Pin, Charm, Lapel Button, or Tie Tac, Gold Plated

$22 (includes shipping)

Money Clip

$46 (shipping included)

Monogram lapel button or tie tac, gold plated

$19.50 (includes shipping)

New Member Pledge Button, Gold Plated

$16 (includes shipping)

Officer Dangle, Gold Plated

$18 (includes shipping)

Officer Dangle, Sterling Silver

$23 (includes shipping)

Official Key Pin, Gold Plated

$31 (includes shipping)


Pearl Drop Earrings

$80 (includes shipping)

Pearl Drop Necklace 

$80 (includes shipping)

Pierced Heart Necklace

$47 (includes shipping)


Raised Pearl Ring

$90 (includes shipping)


Sincere Ring

$48 (includes shipping)


Swirl Ring

$140 (includes shipping)


Tie Bar

$50 (includes shipping)