Founders' Cup Award

Cornell Wins 2019 Founder's Cup The Founders' Cup is the highest honor bestowed upon a chapter by the Fraternity. The Cup is awarded annually by the National Fraternity to the chapter that best accomplishes the criteria listed below. Although no application is necessary, a chapter representative must be present at the AZ Summit to win. 

Use this criterion as a benchmark. Chapters who comply with the following guidelines will have the best chance at winning the prestigious Founder's Cup. Winners are chosen annually by the High Council at the AZ Summit or Conclave. Chapters awarded the Founders' Cup will receive the traveling Founders' Cup trophy. 

National Criteria 

  • Participation in AZ Summit and Conclave
  • New initiate applications and fees submitted prior to initiation
  • All student members pay annual dues in fall
  • Submit scholarship applications
  • Update chapter officers on their chapter site promptly after elections
  • Submit Chapter Activity Reports to the Blog on the AZ website
  • Chapter selected for Middaugh Award(s)
  • One or more members or alumni participating on Foundation or High Council
  • Members purchase honor cords, stoles or jewelry from the AZ online store
  • Chapter submits nominations for individual achievement awards
  • Chapter abides by AZ Affiliate Agreement
  • Current chapter bylaws on file with National Office
  • Regular contact with the AZ national office

Past Founder's Cup Recipients

  • 2023: Florida - University of Florida
  • 2021: North Carolina - North Carolina State University
  • 2019: Cornell - Cornell University
  • 2017: North Carolina - North Carolina State University
  • 2016: California Epsilon - California State University-Fresno
  • 2015: Florida - University of Florida
  • 2014: North Carolina - North Carolina State University
  • 2013: Wilson - Iowa State University
  • 2012: Cook - Rutgers University
  • 2011: Cornell - Cornell University
  • 2010: California Epsilon - California State University-Fresno
  • 2009: Florida - University of Florida
  • 2008: Puerto Rico - University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
  • 2007: North Carolina - North Carolina State University
  • 2006: Townshend - Ohio State University