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NC Concert Fundraiser

NC Concert Fundraiser

Originally posted by Ashley J. Kirby

Author: Alpha Zeta/Saturday, November 10, 2012/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog

he North Carolina Chapter is proud to have brothers who are involved in major campus activities. Lauryn Collier is president of NC State’s Union Activities Board, which runs events such as concerts, movies and festivals to give students a chance to relax. This year Lauryn has encouraged the chapter to become more involved in campus activities and notified us of a fundraising opportunity at the Homecoming Pack Howl Concert Pep Rally.  Before the concert, the fundraising committee purchased 2,000 bottles of water to sell and delivered them to Reynolds Coliseum the following evening.  Seven brothers sold water bottles from 6pm to midnight on November 1st.  Alpha Zeta earned a profit of $49 and enjoyed an opportunity to work beside other campus organizations.

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