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Big Little Olympics

Big Little Olympics

Originally posted by Aubrey B. Weibel

Author: Alpha Zeta/Monday, January 7, 2013/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog

Sunday, October 7th, 2012, Alpha Zeta Families (primarily bigs, littles and pledge parents) got together to participate in a fun competitive event. Games included dodge ball, the blob (One person was "it” and had to tag people and when they did they hand to link hands and could only tag people if they stayed linked. With each new member tagged the "blob” grew until only one person won, who was dubbed the winner.) and the crab game (Participants paired up and one person in each pair stayed on the floor and closed their eyes and their partner had to direct them to the dodge balls randomly dispersed throughout the room to then throw at the opposing teams. The last pair that had not been "hit” was dubbed the winner). It was a great time and bigs and littles especially benefited from the bonding experience.

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