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Alpha Zeta PR Chapter: Kayak Night in Parguera Bay

Alpha Zeta PR Chapter: Kayak Night in Parguera Bay

Originally posted by Rafael Sierra Curbelo

Author: Alpha Zeta/Thursday, March 28, 2013/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog

The fraternal sharing as one of the most enjoyable activities and this time the Puerto Rico Chapter met for a kayak night. The activity of kayaking is one of the most extreme sports and more memorable. But when kayak at night and in a bay with bio-luminescence is a great activity. In the bay could be seen as organisms called "dinoflagellates" create their own light in the sea. These are unique places around the world and in Puerto Rico there are 4 bays in: Parguera bay, Culebra and Vieques Island and Fajardo Bioluminescent beach. With the presence of these organisms in the beaches you can see how clean the beaches in Puerto Rico are. They really enjoy this activity as some fraternal had not seen this phenomenon of bio-luminescence.

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