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Visit to Snyder Research and Extension Farm

Visit to Snyder Research and Extension Farm

Originally posted by Halli M. James

Author: Alpha Zeta/Thursday, October 24, 2013/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog

On September 11, several members of the Cook AZ chapter visited the Snyder Farm in Pittstown, NJ, which is part of the Rutgers research extension. The Snyder Farm serves as the Rutgers center for sustainable agriculture. While here, we learned about the many different crops they grow and some of the research they are doing to help educate and provide resources for NJ farmers on the topics of changing markets, politics, economics, and environmental impact. The Snyder Farm has done an excellent job of strategically planning the locations of the crops they grow so that they can work together for the greatest benefit. We also harvested over 1000 lbs of potatoes to be donated to Rutgers Against Hunger (RAH). It was a great opportunity for those with little ag experience to get an intro to farming and help give back to the community.

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