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Visit to Bob Muth's Farm

Visit to Bob Muth's Farm

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Author: Alpha Zeta/Sunday, October 27, 2013/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog

On October 9, Cook AZ visited Bob Muth’s personal farm in South Jersey. Bob Muth is most well known for his sustainable use of leaves collected from the surrounding areas to improve the nutrient content of his soil. Bob focuses heavily on rotational use of his fields. He is paid to take fallen leaves collected by the town that would otherwise be put into a landfill or otherwise disposed of and spreads them on his resting fields on a rotation to improve the nutrient content of his soil. He also utilizes crops such as vetch to up the nitrogen in his soil during resting periods. We learned about the benefits of CSAs. One of Bob’s main messages regarding sustainability was to "live within your means”. Bob has made great use of what is available to him to enhance his farm without spending large amounts of money. We learned a lot about sustainable practices that are achievable and maintainable for the long term.

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