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AZ Cal Epsilon Canned Food Drive Challenge

Originally posted by Jodi L. Raley

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On Friday, November 22nd, the Cal Epsilon chapter at Fresno State dropped off their donations of canned food items to the Wesley United Methodist Church.  The donations came from members as a part of Fresno State's Canned Food Initiative.  Fresno State's goal was to donate over 300 pounds of canned food campus-wide to benefit the El Dorado Park community, a community near Fresno State that struggles with poverty and hunger.  Our Chancellor, Jodi Raley, and Treasurer, Toushulong Vang, dropped off the items to be weighed in.  The scale topped at 128 pounds of combined canned food and water. Fresno State was able to gather over 2,000 pounds of donations. We are extremely proud of our members who contributed and being such a great part of this initiative!  Being passionate about agriculture means that we have to be just as passionate about making sure the hungry of the world have the proper access to necessary food and fiber.  Way to go Cal Epsilon members and Fresno State Bulldogs and keep up the great work!

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