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NC Retreat and Service Project

NC Retreat and Service Project

Author: Jamie DeRose/Wednesday, February 11, 2015/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog, New Member Development, Service to Community, North Carolina

The North Carolina Chapter went on an overnight retreat at Roanoke Christian Service Camp on the Friday following Roundtable interviews.  This is a tradition in our recruitment process and serves as a way for the candidates to be introduced to the principles behind Alpha Zeta, as well as a way for them to get to know the Brothers.  The new members were also introduced to themselves over dinner, which was pizza from Papa John’s.  After dinner, the Brothers and candidates participated in a trust walk.  Each candidate was asked if was okay to be blindfolded and led by their Big Brother to different stations to learn about agricultural commodities.  Some of the commodities included corn, sweet potatoes, cashews, apples, etc.  The “Paddle Ceremony” followed the trust walk, and each candidate accepted her paddle.  Accepting the paddle meant that each candidate acknowledged that she had to receive 39 active Brother signatures and 50 alumni signatures upon it by the end of the week.  They also learned the AZ motto: TEAM – together everyone achieves more. 

Breakfast was provided for everyone the next morning before our service project.  The camp manager informed us that we had three different projects: demolishing an old snack stand, moving picnic tables, and building a fence.  This service project gave us a chance to give back to the camp and served as a team building exercise between everyone.  


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