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The Sixth Mass Extinction

Author: Madison Goodwin/Tuesday, February 16, 2016/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog, Promotion of Agriculture, Chapter Development, Florida

The Florida chapter’s first speaker of the semester was Dr. Chris Mortensen who spoke to us about the threat of the Sixth Mass Extinction our planet is currently experiencing.

Dr. Mortensen is an Equine Reproduction Specialist. He received his masters in Animal Science in 2003 from Fresno State University and his Ph.D. in Animal Science from Texas A&M in 2007 through research of embryo recovery from exercised mares. In addition to equine studies, Dr. Mortensen has interests in education and endangered species. His most recent publication focused on a modern 21st century approach to teaching today’s undergraduates. He is currently developing relationships with conservation groups to investigate reproductive function in endangered species. At our last chapter, he spoke to us about the Sixth Mass Extinction.

After reading a paper that stressed that the earth is going through the largest and quickest mass extinction event since the dinosaurs went extinct, Dr. Mortensen felt compelled to do something about it. He used his presentation to spread awareness to our brothers about the species we are losing and the impact humans are having on the environment through climate change, deforestation, and littering. Currently, he is conducting research with endangered species to figure out ways to improve reproductive strategies in captive populations. 

If you would like to read more about Dr. Mortensen and his work, please click here.

The Florida Chapter would like to thank Dr. Mortensen for his time and for speaking to us about such an important issue that reigns in so close to home to our agriculture-centric brothers.


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