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NC Chapter learns how to make a Brewskie

NC Chapter learns how to make a Brewskie

Author: Audrey Earnhardt/Saturday, March 4, 2017/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog, Chapter Development, Fellowship, North Carolina

Before the start of the spring semester the North Carolina Chapter took a tour of Aviator Brewing Company, which is a local brewery near Raleigh, North Carolina. When the company opened their doors in 2008 they originally brewed their beer in an airplane hangar at a small airport, hence their company name. Now that they are a larger and a continuously growing company they have moved to a more accommodating building and are in the works of obtaining an even larger facility. Many people don’t realize that brewing beer relies on agriculture. In order to create beer you must use some agricultural commodities, such as various types of grains. These grains are mainly malted barley, but other grains can be utilized to brew beer. It was fun learning about another side of agriculture that we don’t typically hear about in our classes on campus. It was also great to be able to spend time and bond with our fellow brothers.   

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