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Alpha Zeta members of the Cornell Chapter are enjoying some new house improvements!

Alpha Zeta members of the Cornell Chapter are enjoying some new house improvements!

Author: Stephanie Bishop/Sunday, October 29, 2017/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog, Activity Type:, Chapter Development, Chapter Name:, Cornell

Our Honorable House Manager Carter Collins and many of the other members of Cornell AZ have been busy over the past few months working on improvements to their home at 214 Thurston Ave.  Improvements started with a fresh paint job for hallways and some bedrooms within the house and the purchase of a new sign for the lawn.

Since things got rolling in the spring of 2017 however, there’s been no slowing the changes that have been going on which have since then included, building a new fence around the parking lot, painting the stairwells, formal room, and outdoor handrails, a new roof over the outdoor patio, refinishing the dining room tables, and replacing some old bushes with a proud AZ (pictured above).

While there have already been so many improvements made, there are still more to come! Our horticulturist Isabella Yannuzzi is working on a new landscaping plan for our yard and will be putting in new bulbs and seeds to brighten the place up outside.  Additionally, we are in the midst of other projects including ordering new furniture for our formal room, our Middaugh room (office), and are even working with our Corporation Board to find a good option for redoing the floors in the house. 

Overall there have been a lot of good changes going on here at Cornell and we are all excited to see what else we can do to make 214 Thurston a better home for ourselves and future recruits!


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