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North Carolina Chapter Celebrates Founders Day!

North Carolina Chapter Celebrates Founders Day!

Author: Mikayla Graham/Monday, April 30, 2018/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog, Fellowship, North Carolina

Founders Day: 2017-2018


On Saturday, April the 28th, the North Carolina Chapter of Alpha Zeta gathered at Lake Johnson to celebrate our accomplishments and give acknowledgment to those who received awards. Our guest keynote speaker, Dr. Tate Paulette, gave an interesting presentation on the historical agricultural practices in Mesopotamia from approximately 3000 BC to 1000 BC, discussing details about the crops grown, the animals kept, and the beer brewed during that time. After enjoying an amazing dinner, the following awards were given to Active Brothers and Alumni:


$150 Scholarship: Kristina Britt and Tucker Worley

Commissioner of Agriculture Award: Bryce Berryhill

Outstanding Brother Award: Melissa Reel

Chancellor’s Award: Kaitlyn Markey

Alumni Faculty Award: Dr. Lori Unruh Snyder

Alumni Community Award: Paula Woodall


Each of these Brothers are very deserving of these awards, for they have gone above and beyond within Alpha Zeta and the field of agriculture. We also recognized our graduating seniors, who have put so much into Alpha Zeta, laying out a solid foundation for the fraternity in the future. Our seniors are:


Bryce Berryhill, Nikki Brown, John Kittrell, Shelby Lanier, Kaitlyn Markey, Ian Mellon, Melissa Reel, Sydney Smith, and Anna Stewart.


We look forward to your involvement in the fraternity as alumni in the future and wish you luck in all of your future endeavors.


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