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Florida's Key West Service Trip: Snorkeling

Florida's Key West Service Trip: Snorkeling

Author: Alpha Zeta/Wednesday, March 19, 2014/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog

Keith G. (pictured: second to the right in the back row with his mask on), a current pledge for the Florida Chapter was excited to be able to relate his experiences during our Key West Service Trip to his current and recent classes:

"After four days of service around the Florida Keys, we decided to spend our last day having some fun.  To that extent, we all went on a snorkeling trip, taking a catamaran out to a coral reef about seven miles from Key West.  All suited up in our masks, snorkels, flippers and life vests, we all took the plunge off the side of the catamaran into the water.  The underwater view was awe inspiring. We saw stony corals, sea fans, soft corals, and all sorts of other invertebrate life. In regards to the vertebrates, we saw a nurse shark, a reef shark, a barracuda, various types of parrotfish, trumpetfish, angelfish, grunts, and tons more that I'm not sure what they are.  I am currently taking Vertebrate Biodiversity and Invertebrate Biodiversity at UF, so to see everything I've been studying live in their natural habitat was truly awesome. I could not have hoped for a better last day in the Keys after already having one of the best weeks of my life."
- Keith G.

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