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Florida Chapter Ice Breakers and Speed Dating

Florida Chapter Ice Breakers and Speed Dating

Originally Posted By Angely S. Jimenez

Author: Alpha Zeta/Wednesday, October 15, 2014/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog

  Before every pledge meeting, I like to plan a fun, but quick ice breaker. One ice breaker we did was the post-it note game. Each pledge received a post-it note and had to write the name of a famous celebrity, or fictional character and stick it to someone else's forehead. They then had to walk around the room and ask yes or no questions to everyone else to figure out who they had. It was big fun mess, and it ended with one person left not being able to guess that they were Tom Cruise. Overall, it was a very fun ice breaker. 

  This past Tuesday, instead of having an ice breaker, we had speed dating! Brothers that signed up to be a big came out and participated in a fun activity where they have the chance to talk to each pledge individually for a minute, before moving on to the next pledge. It's always really fun and loud, and it goes by quick, so you have to make sure to make a great first impression in order to find the Big of Your Life <3




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