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Cornell Chapter: Big/Little Reveal

Cornell Chapter: Big/Little Reveal

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Author: Alpha Zeta/Friday, October 17, 2014/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog

Each new member of our chapter receive both a guy and girl big to guide them throughout the pledging process and to help act as both a mentor and friend. This is a special tradition to our chapter. The bond between bigs and littles is continually reinforced throughout the pledge period as bigs help their littles with their events and tasks. 

Big/little reveal is always a very exciting night for our house! Everyone in our chapter comes together to watch the fun event. The unsuspecting new members are waiting in our house's formal room when their bigs burst in with huge smiles on their faces and arms full of gifts and lineage traditions to give them. Our lineages have special themes that are created by older actives and are then passed down after they graduate. Some lineage examples include hipster, Ben and Jerry's, mustaches, cow, and business lineage, plus many more! The lineages make everyone in our house more connected as well. 

To celebrate these special lineages, we organized family dinners to happen this week. Bigs who have a little of their same gender invited them to a fun dinner along with the rest of their lineage. It's a great time for bigs and littles to bond with each other and the rest of their family. 


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