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NC Officer Retreat

NC Officer Retreat

The North Carolina Chapter’s officer team went on a retreat in Emerald Isle, North Carolina this past weekend to brainstorm and discuss the upcoming year.  With the new school year just around the corner, it was a perfect opportunity to gather together and share ideas before the new semester starts.  Four out of the five officers were in attendance, and it was a very productive retreat.  A majority of the time was spent coming up with fundraising ideas and revising our financial plans and ...
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NC Spring 2014 Candidate Education Week!

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New Member Education Week is held every semester after candidates for membership are chosen. This week started on February 3rd and lasted until Friday February 7th.  The purpose of Candidate Education Week is to teach perspective brothers the importance of teamwork to accomplish a common goal. The candidates are presented with a series of challenges in which they must learn about agriculture, find out information about the fraternity’s history as well as current activities, get to ...
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