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Puerto Rico Chapter first pledge meeting and orientation

Puerto Rico Chapter first pledge meeting and orientation

Originally Posted By Ezequiel Montañez Rivera

This meeting was held on October 16th . The pledges were given a brief history of our Fraternity. We discussed various past activities that our chapter had done and future activities that we are planning, we also told them all the requisites that the pledges have to complete in order to be initiated. At the end of the meeting we had some pastries and the pledges were able to talk freely and ask questions to our members.
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AZ Cal Epsilon New Member Informational Meeting

AZ Cal Epsilon New Member Informational Meeting

Originally Posted By Caitlin E. O'Connell

The Cal Epsilon Chapter held a meeting on October 8th and invited the perspective new members to attend to learn more about Alpha Zeta. We had 38 perspective members attend the meeting. We played Alpha Zeta Bingo as a mixer to get the perspective members and the current members talking about Alpha Zeta. The meeting was a success!
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Cal Epsilon Meeting with Alumni Guest Speaker

Cal Epsilon Meeting with Alumni Guest Speaker

On February 20, 2014 the Cal Epsilon chapter held a formal meeting on the Fresno State campus.Our guest speaker for the evening was Cal Epsilon alum and past chapter Chancellor, Carlos Lopez. Mr. Lopez, a current high school agriculture teacher at Reedley High School, spoke to us about his experiences at Fresno State and being in Alpha Zeta while capturing NALC's theme of harvesting diversity.Carlos Lopez gave all members in attendance a great honor, he brought his pledge paddle for everyone ...
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Wilson Chapter February Meeting

Originally Posted By Theodore M. Bloechle

On Tuesday, February 4th at 8p.m., after Chancellor David Drendel called the meeting to order, a short presentation was given by Drew Ratterman about the many innovative ways that Dow Agrosciences is expanding their footprint globally, from diversifying their germplasm through acquisition of seed production companies to producing new organic herbicides. Two sets of candidates for GSB president and vice president (Hilary and Mike as well as Khayree and Gabe) held short question and answer sessions with the chapter as well and encouraged us to turn up to vote in the upcoming GSB elections. We then proceeded with general business, which included passing out the new committee assignments.
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NC First Meeting of Semester

Originally Posted By Sara N. Fleming

On August 28th, the North Carolina Chapter had its first official meeting of the Semester. Chancellor Alvey presented a welcome speech to the brotherhood. Attendance was very high with active and non-active members. Brothers enjoyed seeing each other after a long summer break. Upcoming events such as service, social, and candidate week were discussed. Officers also took pictures for the North Carolina Chapter Website. 
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NC Potluck and Initiation

Originally Posted By Sara N. Fleming

On Wednesday September 2nd, the North Carolina Chapter hosted a potluck dinner for all of the new brothers that made it through candidate week. This allowed old and new brothers to interact on a more personal level over something that our brotherhood loves dearly, which is food! After the meeting, all thirteen of the newest brothers were initiated into the fraternity. This was a very special moment signifying the growth of our fraternity with truly great new brothers and we hope they grow with the fraternity, making their mark as they go. 
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Meeting and a Movie!

Meeting and a Movie!

Originally posted by Beatriz Rodriguez-Rivera

Alpha Zeta Cal Epsilon welcomed back its members on August 28th, for the first meeting of the year. Amid the welcome back, the new officers were introduced with Jodi Raley serving as Chancellor, Brittany Hitchcock serving as Censor, Nicole Borba serving as Scribe, Toushulong Vang serving as Treasurer, Adam Jacobo serving as Sergeant at Arms and Beatriz Rodriguez serving as Chronicler.  Students took part in a brief mixer, where members had the opportunity to enjoy M&M's and sharing different facts, stories or information based on the color of M&M the pulled from the bag...
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