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Florida Chapter Rush Week

Florida Chapter Rush Week

Originally Posted By Angely S. Jimenez

The Florida Chapter held Rush Week from 9/15 to 9/18. The week kicked off with an info session on Monday evening, followed by a tabling event Tuesday at CALS Kick-Off,  sand volleyball on Wednesday, and then game night Thursday. The events were very successful, and it was a great opportunity for prospective pledges and current Brothers to interact and get to know one another.  Game night was especially fun, because we all got to sit around and talk to each other, and laugh while we played ...
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New Student BBQ

New Student BBQ

Originally posted by Kathleen Deardorff

In September, the College of Agriculture at Chico State University held a New Student BBQ for freshman and transfer students. At this event, Alpha Zeta Eta was able to present all of the upcoming opportunities to get students involved in the agriculture community. The barbeque had a wonderful turn out and AZE was able to talk to numerous freshmen and transfer students about what the fraternity has to offer as well as the recruitment process. We are excited about all of the new students who are showing enthusiasm for Alpha Zeta!
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