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Wiener Fest

The Texas Alpha chapter of Alpha Zeta showed their support for Aggieland Humane Society by volunteering at their largest fundraising event of the year, Wiener Fest!
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TailGator Green Team at the University of Florida

Each home football game, the University of Florida TailGator Green Team is looking for volunteers to help encourage tailgating fans to recycle. This semester, our brothers were excited for this opportunity and got involved in this effort to increase recycling and decrease the damage to our environment and campus. Go Green and Go Gators!

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Keeping Gainesville Beautiful

The Florida Chapter helps to keep our community beautiful by taking care of our adoptive street in Gainesville. Each semester our chapter holds three to four road clean-ups that allows our brothers to make an impact by picking up trash and recycling. We have already had one road clean-up this semester and look forward to those scheduled for the semester!
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Volleyball Concessions

This September, the Florida chapter helped to run two volleyball concession stands! The first was at the game where the Gators played St. John's University. The second, at a good ol' SEC rivalry against Kentucky! The brothers had a blast selling food to fans, while raising money for the upcoming NALC! Working concessions at big events, definitely can teach a group how to work as a team!
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Florida Chapter Pledge Class Fishing for Success

Florida Chapter Pledge Class Fishing for Success

 ‚ÄčThis past Saturday, Alpha Zeta pledge class volunteered with the UF Fisheries and Aquatics Faculty to put on the first Fishing for Success event this year. About 100 individuals came out, as families, to fish in local ponds together. The pledges of AZ cut up the hot dogs used as bait, proctored a casting contest, and registered several guests at this event. While there was time, some members even got to practice their own fishing skills. - Olivia Scruggs PC Service Chair
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First Time On Service Spring Break Trip

After hearing so much positive feedback from the first service trip over spring break to the Florida Keys, I decided I absolutely had to go.  As each brother talked about the bonding moments, trash collecting, and rewarding service opportunities, I was more and more determined to get my intent in as soon as possible to hold a spot. 

The Florida Chapter of Alpha Zeta has welcomed me into its brotherhood, and I am so grateful to have made many close friends.  I was excited to travel to Key West during my spring break for the first time.  I had never been to the Florida Keys but that destination has been on my bucket list for quite some time.  And what made the trip mean even more was that I was going to make a difference in the environment.  I had heard quite a bit about the amount of plastics that wash up on shore and was ready to tackle the problem.

Because I had heard so much about this trip, I had several expectations.  These included working hard days in the sun picking up plastics among other garbage, lathering on sun screen so my pale skin would not burn, and of course enjoying the time spent with my brothers.  

After experiencing the week long trip, I can say that my expectations were met and far exceeded anything I had thought before.  I was engrossed by the task of picking up literally a ton of trash the three days we performed service for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.  I had heard about the amount of plastics that wash ashore, but actually picking up bottles and trap line made it that much more real.  I am proud to say that I did not get sunburned the entire week and even managed to tan a bit.  But, I think my last expectation was totally blown out of the water.  My brothers are truly caring, sincere, and fun-loving people.  I enjoyed each moment spent with them and learned so much about their lives!

I spent my spring break for the first time performing service with my brothers.  I made memories that I will keep forever.  I hope to spend my spring break in the same fashion next year as well.  And I am proud to say that I am a brother of the Florida Chapter of Alpha Zeta.
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NC Chapter Adopt-A-Highway

NC Chapter Adopt-A-Highway

The NC Chapter cleaned up its adopted highway today!
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NC Chapter winner of SMACKDOWN competition!

NC Chapter winner of SMACKDOWN competition!

The NC Chapter is proud to have won an apheresis donation competition between 7 other fraternities on NC State campus!  We were presented with a trophy, and helped save many lives!
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PR Chapter Community Service

PR Chapter Community Service

On Saturday, March 7th Alpha Zeta visited Finca La Perla in Mayaguez from 8:30 to 3:30.  Five members participated in the activity. First of all, we discussed with the owner, Luis Curvero, some of the present challenges the agriculture in Puerto Rico is facing and some basic information about the industry of the coffee in Puerto Rico. We shared a light breakfast for those who had not had any and proceeded to a tour of the property. Luis Curvero has many small crops in his property, including ginger, “pana” (Artocarpus altilis), “chironja” (orangelo) and cacao. The main crop of the farm is coffee, though there was not any to pick. After the tour, we helped pick cacao in many different spots. We were able to fill three sacks with cacao, and afterward opened them and put the seeds with the pulp in water. Afterward, we enjoyed a light lunch provided by the owner of the farm and then proceeded to participate in the process of grinding and packing coffee. Then, we were given a taste of the coffee produced at the farm and picked bananas, “chironjas”  and “panas” to take home with us.
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