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AZP Recruitment Ice Cream Social~2

Originally posted by Katilyn D. Stevens

This was our second ice cream social for new member recruitment. It took place in a meeting room in the Recreation and Physical Activity Center, a more central location for prospective members living in other areas on campus. We gave our presentation about Alpha Zeta Parnters and then opened the floor to questions so the students could express their thoughts to us and in turn, we could share our wonderful AZP experiences. The ice cream was great, and created a fun atmosphere for the event! We used the same supplies from the previous ice cream social, and OSU provided the technical support necessary for the presentation. This event was held on January 18, 2012.
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AZP Recruitment Ice Cream Social

Originally posted by Katilyn D. Stevens

Our chapter began the recruiting season, on January 17, 2012, with and ice cream social at OSU's agricultural living-learning community, Norton House. Here, around 15 prospective members gathered with 5 current AZP members to eat some ice cream and learn about our great honorary. Prospective students were invited to join over winter break; we sent letters to their parents and a copy of all the information was sent via email to the students in an effort to be more environmentally friendly, rather than sending the normal two hard copies. To prepare for the event, a new PowerPoint was created to urge these students to join AZP. We purchased ice cream and toppings, and they were a hit with our prospective members! After the presentation, we held a question-answer session with the panel of current members that attended. The event was a great success!
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UF Intramural Beach Volleyball Game 2/19/12

UF Intramural Beach Volleyball Game 2/19/12

Originally posted by Claire D. Page

The Florida Chapter had its second intramural sand volleyball game on Sunday. Although we would love to be out in the sunshine our time slot is at 7 PM. The members who showed up to play that night and were met by an impressive team that had played together since high school. Unfortunately, we had our first loss, but members showed great improvement upon the first game and are definitely looking forward to successive games. As for the game itself a few of our members served aces adding to our score!...
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