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North Carolina Chapter Hosts Ag Awareness Week!

North Carolina Chapter Hosts Ag Awareness Week!

Author: Ashlyn Britt/Wednesday, April 4, 2018/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog, Fundraising, Service to College or Campus, Promotion of Agriculture, Alumni Relations, Service to Community, Chapter Development, Fellowship, North Carolina

The North Carolina Chapter of Alpha Zeta hosted our annual Agriculture Awareness Week right in the heart of North Carolina State University campus. Several brothers worked hard and began the week by setting up for the week and making sure both tractors made it to the Brickyard, right in front of the library and a dining area. Several gracious alumni, brothers, NCSU Small Ruminant Unit, and the NCSU Beef Unit allowed us to borrow their animals for the week to allow all NC State students, faculty, and visitors to learn about the industry that feeds and clothes us. We had two Yorkshire pigs from an alumni, Kat Wood, two sheep from the NCSU small ruminant unit, a cow/calf pair from the NCSU Beef Unit, a Jersey calf from an alumni, Leslie Sparks, eight chicks from Chronicler Kathryn Clontz, and two pot belly pigs and a goat from yours truly, Scribe Kristina Britt. Brothers from Alpha Zeta were on the brickyard 24 hours a day from Sunday to Thursday evening. 

Monday afternoon we held an Ag Olympics on the Brickyard. Monday night we hosted a forum about Food Waste and the Use of Ugly Produce. Our panelists included Beth Farrell, NCDA Agricultural Programs Specialist, Rhonda Sherman, NC State Extension solid waste specialist, Lisa Johnson, PhD student who has completed extensive research in food waste and food loss, and Lesley Schatz, NC State Dining. On Tuesday we held our first annual Mr. Agriculture Pageant where members of agricultural organizations across campus competed against each other for the title of "Mr. Agriculture." We had a professional dress/interview portion, a talent portion, and an overalls portion. Our very own Chancellor Reuben Wilson took home the title and the prize. On Tuesday evening after the pageant our Chronicler, Kathryn Clontz, set up an alumni dinner in order for brothers and alumni to have a time to reconnect and to show our appreciation for our wonderful alumni. On Wednesday we held a milking contest with the NC State University Police were they battled against their fellow officers. On Thursday we added up all of the money we had been collecting in jars with various professor's names on them to determine who would have to kiss the pig. We use this as a fundraiser for a charity of our choosing, this year we chose to support The Great American Milk Drive due to recent issues involving the dairy industry. On Thursday afternoon several brothers and alumni worked hard to take everything down and get the animals back to their owners. Huge thanks to the alumni, brothers, and members of the NC State community who helped us out tremendously this week. We couldn't do it without you!

Now to prepare for Agriculture Awareness Week 2019 edition. 


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