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NC Chapter Teaching Students about Agriculture

NC Chapter Teaching Students about Agriculture

Author: Audrey Earnhardt/Monday, November 14, 2016/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog, Promotion of Agriculture, Service to Community, Chapter Development, North Carolina

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Last week the North Carolina Chapter was presented with a wonderful opportunity to go to the Governor Morehead School of the Blind and work with the amazing students there and teach them about various agricultural commodities. There were a total of 52 students that participated in the event ranging from third grade to twelfth grade. All of these students were either severely visually impaired or completely blind. For our activity we had a wide assortment of agricultural commodities on our table, including carrots, cotton, apples, oranges, pig feed, peas, fraser fir branches, and a horse halter. With each group of kids we had them pick up and feel the different commodities and guess what it was. After they guessed we would tell them different facts about the commodities. After we told them various facts we would ask them to repeat back one to two facts, if they were able to repeat back a fact we would give them a couple of prizes. The prizes included glow stick bracelets of various colors and toy bugs. It was easy to tell that the students loved learning all of these different facts about the commodities with some even asking us to tell them more facts that they could learn about the different commodities in front of them. We were able to learn new facts ourselves about the commodities we provided that we never knew about before that night. It was a very rewarding night helping make these kids smile and brightening their day.


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