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New "Calfology" Website Looking for Student Contributors

Author: Alpha Zeta/Wednesday, September 14, 2011/Categories: National Office News

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A new, educational website,, is looking for students (especially dairy science students) to help build content for their website or become contributors. Calfology is the first ever effort to bring all players in the industry to one place to interact in hopes of strengthening and advancing the entire community.

This is an opportunity for students to get some experience doing something educational/fun and get an online presence.

Ways you could help build their community:

1. Product Reviews: It is much easier to make a good buying decision if reviews are offered. Obviously the more difficult the economic environment, the more consideration is given to the review. Even bad reviews are good for the manufacturer, enabling them to more quickly make product modification based on user feedback.

2. Video Creation: wants to develop some short videos for the youth education portion of the calfology site. Videos broken down into 3-5 minute segments would be tremendously helpful.

Here is a list of the items that could use video support:
  1. what features to look for in selecting a calf or steer
  2. what features does my housing facility need to have and show me some examples
  3. how do I halter-break the calf and how much time should I expect this to take
  4. how do I train my calf or steer to stand properly, walk with head up, and reposition in the arena?
  5. training video on movement of cattle to understand how to have them move for you where you want them to go and how to react if they refuse or run
  6. proper techniques for clipping the animal
  7. proper techniques for bathing and brushing for best results
  8. Secrets to success (helpful hints to improve look, weight gain, training aids, etc that the pros use to get an animal ready for the arena)
  9. cosmetic dehorning techniques and when is it necessary
  10. safety video (maybe list the top 10 injuries sustained by the kids and ways to avoid them)
  11. health care for the calf (discuss vaccines, requirements, health certificates and how to deal with injuries, ringworm, or other common issues)
  12. What is in the show box (go through a list of all the contents of a show box that a new participant might eventually need to succeed)
  13. Proper show ring etiquette (how to enter, walk, common instructions from judges, and common showmanship etiquette one would need to know)
  14. hauling cattle to shows (proper methods for safely loading and unloading as well as how to restrain in trailer and safe weight distribution in trailer)
  15. any other useful topic for the first time parent or child with interest in showing a calf, heifer, steer or cow.
Several of these videos could be done at multiple sites with multiple videographers to show some of the variety that exists while still doing it all correctly.

For more information or questions, please contact:
Wyman Nielson
(877) 381-CALF  ext. 3


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