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David Headley, North Carolina Alumni

Author: Alpha Zeta/Thursday, July 28, 2011/Categories: Featured Alumni

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David Headley knows how much the decisions made in college can impact your future. Headley, currently the High Censor on the Alpha Zeta High Council and a North Carolina chapter alumnus, acknowledges that his college involvement with AZ led him to where he is today.

For more than 10 years, Headley has been actively involved with AZ. During his time at North Carolina he grew interested in the fraternity and became very engaged with the events they would hold including: Ag awareness week, service projects and Christmas projects. In college, he also served on the AZ Agricultural Fraternity Board of Directors and was vice president of Agri-Life Council.

To other students Headley's passion for AZ was obvious, or at least it was one year during pledge week. Headley recalls his favorite memory as a North Carolina student member shaving an, "AZ" into his hair to show is fraternity pride.

Now, as an alumnus, he understands how AZ has left an impacting impression on him. "Believe it or not, it is because of AZ that I am who I am today. The older brothers who came before showed me how important agriculture is both domestically and internationally," he said.

The desire to continue this stream of knowledge is what led Headley to run for the High Council. "I am very passionate about making sure AZ is the global leader for agriculture students, and want to ensure students are successful both academically and professionally."

As well as serving as the High Censor, Headley works for the Illinois Soybean Association managing both trade teams and Soy Ambassador Program. Headley also does consulting work for international agriculture projects for non-governmental organizations, which has led him to travel to more than 56 countries.


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