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UF Lake Wauburg Ropes Course 3/17/12

UF Lake Wauburg Ropes Course 3/17/12

Originally posted by Claire D. Page

Author: Alpha Zeta/Sunday, March 25, 2012/Categories: Chapter Activity Report Blog

The Florida Chapter headed to a second round at the University of Florida's Lake Wauburg Ropes Course. It started with activities aimed to get to know each other and warm up. We followed it with a game of Alaskan football where we passed the Frisbee above and below each person then the last person threw a Frisbee and to score points run around our team. We then broke up into 2 separate groups completing a low alpine course where everyone had to work as a team to get everyone across a two foot high log-course with various obstacles and team problem solving activities as well as multiple other team building activities working on communication and trust. Last, everyone had the chance to climb a 45 foot high alpine tower with various obstacles including nets, hanging logs, wobbly platforms, ladders, and rocks with their fellow brothers belaying them up and down to safety. Everyone had a ton of fun. It was a great opportunity for us to get to know each other made a lot of members excited to make this event again next year!!

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